Electric Solemaran Coco

Mały katamaran dla 4-5 osób. Możecie nim wypłynąć na środek jeziora i podziwiać zachód słońca, popijając przy tym Prosecco…

A nearby golf course

Golfers probably do not need any recommendation, amateurs can try their hand at the driving range.

Wine cooler

Filled with wines selected by our friend sommelier, at any time you take out the wine you want at the given moment.

Pressure coffee maker

Every morning you can relish the taste of freshly brewed coffee from the coffee machine, drunk on the pier.

Regional specialities

Vendace fried in vinegar, trout ceviche, salmon tartare, smoked carp paprikas, smoked mackerel paste, Dutch maties with onion and Bieluga vodka, smoked vendace, smoked eels.

Barbecue basket

Sausage from the local traditional butcher’s shop, black pudding, spiced pork neck, chicken breasts, grilled vegetables (price agreed individually).

Mushroom hunting

In summer and autumn, you can go mushrooming in the nearby forests, we provide a mushroom dryer.

Horse riding

For those who like horse riding, there are 3 horse stables in the vicinity of the house.

Cycling trips

You can go on a cycling trip, here you will find many interesting routes around the lakes.



„Warmińskie Klimaty” restaurant
(150 m away from the house)
with home-made fresh food, they also serve breakfasts

„Między deskami” restaurant
(1 km away from the house)
they have a wood-fired pizza oven, real Italian pizza with delivery

MG & CC golf course
(500 m away from the house)
on the course there is “Hole in one” club restaurant

Fresh fish

If you like fishing, you can catch fish yourself and then fry them on the pier and eat them straight from the pan.

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